Anulars ring and AS Monaco ring

Anularis® and the ring for AS Monaco

AS Monaco Basket recently celebrated the triumphant past season by rewarding the players with a commemorative ring.
Anularis would like to congratulate AS Monaco on its success, its passion for the sport and its dedication to teamwork.
It does this by creating a graphic design for a commemorative ring. Anularis does just that, creating exclusive, narrative commemorative rings, precious in their materials but above all in their intrinsic meaning. Each piece of jewellery is the result of work shared with its team, a team effort, just like in sport.


The ring has been designed with attention to detail to enhance the incredible past season, culminating in the victory of the French national cup championship and embellished by the first historic participation in the Euroleague FinalFour.
For the occasion, Anularis commissioned the project to the esteemed designer Sara Sacco, and the results speak for themselves. Thanks to her great skills and experience, Sara Sacco managed to embody all the values that both Anularis and AS Monaco stand for.
It features an elegant and bold design, with unique elements that recall the identity and values of AS Monaco. The club’s logo has been cleverly incorporated within the ring, surrounded by gems representing the team’s distinctive colours and emblems and brilliant enamels of the Monegasque colours. Made in Italy, it was designed in collaboration with expert goldsmiths and designers, who worked to represent the team’s success and pride. The design captures the essence of AS Monaco’s victory through intricate and symbolic details. Every engraving, every curve and every gemstone has been carefully selected to represent the commitment, dedication and strength that went into winning the French Championship.


The graphic design of the Anularis sports ring, wants to be, in the exclusive simplicity of an idea, a real and strong symbol of AS Monaco Basket’s extraordinary victory in the world of French basketball and also, a representation of the players’ constant commitment to achieving their goal: to be Champions. It is meant to be a *virtual* tribute to a team that lives the sport intensely by giving emotions.
Although it is not a made and wearable ring, it equally expresses the players’ values, excellence and pride in achieving a unique sporting feat. It encapsulates the essence of the memories and emotions of their achievement.
On this occasion we lost the *game* but sportingly we are ready for the next competition, with our work and passion to create UNIQUE jewellery.

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