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Anularis® for adidas PML 2022

Anularis® is Premium Partner of adidas Playground Milano League 2022

Anularis® embellishes the achievements of the world’s great international sports champions with its celebratory sports rings.

In summer 2022, however, it also wants to involve young athletes with the makings of basketball champions, who will excel in the most important project to date on Milan’s playgrounds.

In Milan, during the final event of Adidas PML, The MINALS, Anularis® will therefore present the best players in each category, the MVPs, with a special commemorative ring made exclusively for the occasion.

Anularis® for social responsibility: the most prestigious ring designed exclusively for adidas PML 2022 is a unique piece in gold and diamonds. It will be auctioned on Charity Stars Part of the proceeds will be donated to support the project of social responsibility of adidas PML, in partnership with Rise Against Hunger Italia.

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