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Anularis per Charitystars asta benefica

Anularis for Charitystars: allies for peace

Even elegance can sometimes stand up for peace.

And we at Anularis know it well. That’s why we decided to donate one of our most exclusive pieces of jewellery – the Caput Mundi ring – to support Anymore Onlus with a charity auction in collaboration with CharityStars.

We decided to embrace this cause because there is so much talk today about corporate values, but we at Anularis® prefer actions to words. There are many companies today that firmly declare their values, but these values must then be respected.

And above all, you have to put them into practice, as well as put them in bold print on your website.

For this reason, we were inspired by the two most important values of our company – elegance and peace – and combined them. The result was a winning alliance with CharityStars, the leading online auction platform where celebrities and brands donate experiences and objects for good.

For the occasion, we chose one of the most elegant and luxurious pieces of jewellery in our hoopring line, the exclusive Roma Caput Mundi ring.

To participate in the auction, CLICK HERE

Anymore Onlus: sport as an instrument of peace

Anymore Onlus is a charity that promotes the values of peace, justice and human rights. And this time it has decided to do so through sport.

They too, just like Anularis®, believe that wars, genocide and discrimination cannot and should not coexist with human rights. And for this cause they have chosen Fair Play Sports for Rwanda, a project that uses the universal language of sport in a land that 28 years ago was the scene of a devastating genocide.

The lucky user who wins the ring will be contributing to a very special cause: the provision of basic lessons and rudiments of sports technique to young people in Rwanda, as well as the training of local teachers, animators and coaches – so that this project can continue over time.

A project that goes beyond mere charity, but instead aims at a radical change: to include and promote sport in this land that was once a victim, but today – thanks to Anularis and CharityStars – can shine again.

To participate in the auction, CLICK HERE

Anularis® Roma Caput Mundi 2022 commemorative ring

This is a ring with a luxurious and exclusive design, worn by the captain of the basketball team of the same name.

A strictly Made in Italy jewel, crafted in rose gold and 9kt white gold, from a 3D design using a lost-wax casting technique. The ring features a precious brilliant-cut diamond, set in a whisker inside the Anularis® logo.

Exclusive design by Lia Milazzo.

If you too would like to participate in the Anularis® charity auction for CharityStars, contribute to the cause of Anymore Onlus and try to win our beautiful Roma Caput Mundi ring, then follow this link and good luck.

May the beauty of sport – and peace – always be with you.

To participate in the auction, CLICK HERE

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