some of the nominees for the Corporate Heritage Awards

Anularis shines bright at Corporate Heritage Awards

We are proud to have been among the 47 historic Italian companies nominated for the third edition of the Corporate Heritage Awards. The prestigious Corporate Heritage Awards celebrated its third edition with a grand gala, honoring the heritage and cultural significance of iconic Italian companies. Among the esteemed nominees, Anularis® stood tall, showcasing its rich heritage and commitmentenhancing the historical and cultural heritage determine our identity. This remarkable event not only highlighted the essence of Anularis® but also brought together industry leaders such as Barilla, Lavazza, Olivetti, Garofalo, Martini, Peroni, and Salvatore Ferragamo, showcasing the finest Italian businesses under one roof.

Embracing Italy’s rich Heritage

Nestled amidst the luminaries of the Italian business landscape, Anularis® showcased its unwavering commitment to preserving the nation’s historical and cultural values. Rooted in heritage and propelled by innovation, Anularis® demonstrated how tradition and progress can harmoniously coexist. The event, organised by Leaving Footprints, served as a testament to Italy’s enduring legacy, highlighting the delicate balance between preserving the past and embracing the future.

A proud legacy amidst industry titans

Sharing the spotlight with esteemed counterparts like Barilla, renowned for its delectable pasta products, Lavazza, the iconic coffee brand, and Olivetti, a pioneer in the technology sector, Anularis® showcased its unwavering commitment to heritage. Garofalo, a symbol of authentic Italian pasta, and Martini, a globally recognized name in beverages, also graced the occasion. Additionally, the event witnessed the participation of Peroni, celebrated for its exceptional beers, and Salvatore Ferragamo, a legendary name in the fashion industry.

Anularis a glimpse into excellence

At the heart of Anularis’s success lies its dedication to authenticity and meticulous craftsmanship. Through its unwavering passion for tradition, Anularis® has etched a remarkable legacy for itself in the competitive business landscape. The company’s participation in the Corporate Heritage Awards underscores its commitment to excellence, both in preserving historical treasures and in crafting innovative solutions for the future.

A celebration of Italian excellence

In essence, the Corporate Heritage Awards served as a profound celebration of Italian excellence, where Anularis® stood as a testament to the nation’s rich heritage and entrepreneurial spirit. The event reinforced the notion that heritage preservation is not merely a tribute to the past but a bridge connecting the roots of tradition with the endless possibilities of the future. As Anularis® continues its inspiring journey, embracing its historical and cultural roots, it illuminates a path for others to follow, ensuring that Italy’s legacy remains vibrant and cherished in the modern world.

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