ANULARIS® The celebratory sport ring


ANULARIS® was created to celebrate a particular sporting occasion, such as the victory of a team in a tournament or a trophy. It is an exclusive ring, handcrafted and numbered, to further enhance memories and originality.

ANULARIS® creates unique rings capable of telling the story and values ​​of the team or athlete, through symbols, words and numbers.
The ring is customizable, for example with the team logo and the date of the event engraved on the inner band. As well as the symbol that depicts the team’s values, and its dedication to sport.
ANULARIS® uses fine materials and precious stones to praise the athlete’s success. In this way the team will be able to leave the mark of their victories in the world of sport.


ANULARIS® was born in Milan, the Italian capital of Luxury and Design. The hub of the economy where the main European exhibition centers reside. A city that has always been considered the center of arts, beauty and taste.


And it is precisely here that the ANULARIS® project comes to life, in the “ViPreGo” district. It is located on the Loreto-Viale Monza axis of the subway called the new Sono, the kingdom of hipsters, young creatives and fashion galleries. A new and innovative neighborhood, full of alternative and trendy shops.



Finishes and precious materials such as inlaid wood characterize the packaging of ANULARIS®. It is also possible to insert LED lights and NFC TAG technology. Even the packaging, like the ring, is customizable, in order to reflect the athlete’s passion and success.

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