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Athletes and gold chains: the 5 most worn models

Every sport has its own piece of heart jewelry. Usually the tennis world is associated with bracelets, basketball with glitzy, diamond-filled sports memorial rings. Gold chains are often associated with the world of hip hop.

If you don’t know what jewelry to give to a sportsman, you are sure to find some interesting ideas in this article.

The history of gold chains: from Egypt to today

The use of gold in jewelry dates back to 3,000 BC, when the Egyptians began using it in jewelry and to create exchange coins. The ancient Egyptians were literally fascinated by this metal that they decided to use it everywhere: for clothes, decorations, ornaments, and even tombs.

Gold in those days was a bit like today’s iPhone. It was used as a status symbol within society. The gold chains we find in large jewelry stores today are all inspired by the designs of ancient Egypt, which certainly had more delicate shapes than those of today.

The advent of hip hop in the 1970s and 1980s greatly influenced the jewelry industry, especially that of chains-which rappers and other artists began sporting around that time.

Why do sportsmen wear gold chains?

But gold necklaces are not exclusive to rappers; many sportsmen are used to wearing them on and off the field. And if we talk about the jewelry of football players, there is certainly no shortage of gold chains.
Although the underlying reason for this custom is always the same: status. The more glitzy and flashy an athlete’s jewelry is, the more it means he or she has succeeded and “made it.”

Depending on the type of sport, gold chains can take on different styles. Let’s look at the 5 most popular designs among athletes:

Cuban mesh chain

The Cuban mesh pattern has dominated the hip hop industry for several years. It suits both understated and lavish looks, depending on the thickness of the mesh.
This pattern is perfect for those who love the movida; all it takes is a Cuban mesh chain to attract attention, even when wearing an essential outfit. And in addition to chains, there are also Cuban mesh bracelets, perfect for a super chic pairing.

Franco chain

The Franco chain represents one of the most iconic looks for athletes. Very similar to the Cuban link, but with tighter strands for a more subtle look. The unique weave makes the chain look like a single, continuous piece, rather than a series of links woven together. This is one of the most basic designs, but can always be embellished with a pendant for a more striking look.

Figaro chain

A pattern especially beloved by baseball players, the Figaro chain is the perfect necklace to wear on its own. An unmistakable style for a chain that can be worn on the field as well as in everyday life. Not surprisingly, this model is also particularly loved by entrepreneurs, managers and CEOs of the biggest companies in the world.

Gourmette chain

Athletes choose the Gourmette model when they want to turn all the girls’ heads. And with this chain around their neck, they often succeed.

Very similar to the Cuban link, this chain is composed of many intertwined links of the same size. A pattern that does not go unnoticed, thanks in part to the size of its links. In addition to basketball athletes, the Gourmette pattern is definitely the most beloved by hip hop singers. And there is not a basketball player who does not have one in his jewelry collection.

Rope Chain

The rope chain, on the other hand, is part of the most distinctive and lavish designs at the same time.
Many athletes also wear this chain on the court, in a thinner variant so as not to get in the way of sports performance.

In the evening, on the other hand, green light to the chunkier and eccentric links, embellished with pendants to create an even more massive effect. Composed of several fine link chains that are woven around each other, the rope chain is the perfect complement to a sporty look that needs an extra quid.

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