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Southampton Boat Show 2021 date

Southampton Boat Show 2021

The Southampton Boat Show of 2021 is scheduled from 10 to 19 September for what, worldwide, is one of the most important events for luxury yachting, starting with superyachts and passing through catamarans. The exhibition venue, for the Southampton Boat Show of 2021, is that of the splendid Mayflower...

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Jacobs tamberi oro olimpiadi 2021

Il valore delle medaglie delle Olimpiadi di Tokyo 2021

Alle Olimpiadi di Tokyo 2020 la spedizione azzurra ha fatto il pieno di medaglie al punto da chiudere i Giochi con il decimo posto nel medagliere. Ben 40, infatti, sono state le medaglie conquistate dagli atleti azzurri, di cui 10 d'oro, 10 d'argento e 20 medaglie di bronzo. Ma detto questo, quanto...

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Dubai Muscle Show 2021

Dubai Muscle Show 2021

From 28 to 30 October, the 2021 edition of the Dubai Muscle Show is scheduled, which is the most important fitness and bodybuilding event in the Middle East. For enthusiasts and professional athletes, the 2021 Dubai Muscle Show will allow visitors to spend an entire weekend of entertainment and fun....

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