Sustainable jewelry: wearing ethical jewelry without neglecting elegance

| Martina Manoni |
Even luxury (finally) goes green. Demand for jewelry and sustainable fashion has increased by 20% since 2020. Recycled gold chains, lab-made diamonds, and reclaimed antique jewelry turned into vintage pieces are arriving on runway shows. Even gold wants to go ethical, with the goal of making prod…

Sustainable design

| Medhat Mahran |
Sustainable design has become increasingly important in recent years as the need to reduce the environmental impact of our actions becomes more and more necessary. One of the fundamental principles of sustainable design is eco-design, which involves the use of recyclable or biodegradable material…

Jewelry and sports: here’s how much the Super Bowl ring is worth

| Martina Manoni |
It is the most watched sporting event in America, the National Football League championship game that generates millions and millions of dollars in revenue each year. We are talking about the magnificent Super Bowl. Also magnificent are the celebratory sports rings sported by the winning team, tr…

Napoli championship: Oshimen celebrates with an all-diamond sports ring (that makes NBA champions envious)

| Martina Manoni |
Oshimen tries to imitate NBA stars. Napoli player Victor Oshimen wanted to celebrate his team’s newly won Scudetto with a piece of jewelry that could make American basketball players tremble. The Napoli forward had a celebratory sports ring made especially for himself by a Nigerian jeweler….

The footballer’s equipment: here is the jewelry banned on the field

| Martina Manoni |
When a sportsman takes the field, he must avoid any hazards that could compromise his sports performance. Dangers that can sometimes be hidden right in his equipment. It is for this reason that all costume jewelry and jewelry accessories are prohibited on the field and must be removed before the …

NBA: Warriors sports commemorative ring worth more than $50,000

| Martina Manoni |
The commemorative rings of NBA teams are known to be the most majestic (and expensive) ever. In fact, we are not surprised that the Golden State Warriors team received the rings symbolic of their victory over the Lakers in 2022, made by a well-known Beverly Hills jeweler. After a sports season of…
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