Commemorative sports rings have long been a cherished tradition in the world of sports.

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Celebratory sports rings have long been a cherished tradition in the world of sports. These rings serve as a symbol of excellence, commemorating championship wins and other significant achievements for players and coaches alike. Additionally, they also serve as a way for fans to connect with thei…

How to recognize a real diamond from a fake one?

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How to recognize a real diamond from a fake one? There are several “home-made” methods for verifying the authenticity of a gemstone-including diamonds-especially when we cannot get the opinion of a gemologist or when we cannot trace the jewelry’s certificate of authenticity. &nb…


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  THE “FATHER” OF THE WORLD’S MOST COVETED TROPHY.   Silvio Gazzaniga. He is the master designer of the FIFA World Cup.   He is the master Silvio Gazzaniga, designer of the FIFA World Cup, heir to the Jules Rimet, finally awarded to Brazil in 1970 after its third succe…

Jewellery and sport: non-oxidising materials most suitable for sportspeople

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Jewellery and sport: materials that do not oxidise are best suited to sportsmen and women If it is true that a diamond is forever, on the contrary, a piece of jewellery might not be. Or rather, this depends on the material. Some jewellery – particularly silver jewellery – tends to oxi…

Jewels of Sports on display: national team memorabilia for the first time in the House of Sports

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It was the year 1911 when the Italian national soccer team wore the blue jersey for the first time, but they did not yet know that color would accompany the world of Italian sports for all the years to come.   An unbreakable bond, born from a simple tribute to the House of Savoy, which [&hel…

Coppa del Mondo di Calcio 2022: chi si tiene il trofeo?

Il premio che da sempre è nei sogni proibiti di tutti i calciatori, un trofeo che può essere toccato solo da chi l’ha vinto, dai capi di Stato e dal Presidente della Fifa. Stiamo parlando di lei: la tanto ambita coppa del mondo di calcio. Altezza, peso e materiale della Coppa del Mondo 2022 La [&…
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