Footballers’ jewelry: a simple accessory or pure exhibitionism?

| Bo Vereecke |
Not only dream houses and luxury cars, but it’s also a fact that footballers love the good life and jewelry. What not everyone knows is that sportsmen and women also like to collect precious jewelry and watches. But when do these accessories stop being accessories and turn into pure exhibitionism…

Gold medalist Eileen Gu makes jewelery trending in China

| Bo Vereecke |
She is only 18 years old and yet the American-Chinese skier Eileen Gu already has several Olympic medals in her pocket. A remarkable thing for such a young lady. But there was another thing the Chinese noticed during her victory at the Olympic Games of Beijing: jewelry, namely the 4 very expensiv…

Er is Karaat en Karaat

| Bo Vereecke |
Het dragen van een sieraad, in het bijzonder een ring, brengt emoties over, benadrukt de persoonlijkheid en geeft de persoon een vleugje elegantie. ANULARIS® biedt de mogelijkheid om uw eigen ring te personaliseren, zodat u uw eigen waarden kunt uitdrukken en een herinnering kunt verzegelen om he…

NBA sports commemorative rings: the most expensive in basketball history

| Bo Vereecke |
Sports commemorative rings are not just for the world of American football or baseball, as many people think. Many of the world’s basketball champions have sported veritable miniature works of art on their fingers. From simple rings to celebrate a daring victory to shameless jewels set with…

Gold and crypto: when there is strength in numbers

| Bo Vereecke |
According to the latest data and market trends, gold and crypto are set to go hand in hand in the investment market. Demand for gold is on the upswing, especially in Asian countries such as China and India. And it’s this recovery that should support gold’s performance in the coming years, a…

NFT: when art meets the digital world

| Bo Vereecke |
NFT: we hear about it everywhere lately. Non-Fungible Tokens are nothing more than the certificate of authenticity of a digital asset. Simply put, they are the irrefutable proof that applies to unique digital objects such as crypto art, online games and digital collectibles. NFTs are not intercha…
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