Olympic flashlight sports sponsorship

The Olympic flashlight is an iconic and important symbol of the Olympic Games and represents the essence of the Olympic ideals of peace, friendship, and solidarity. However, in the last decades, the Olympic flashlight has also taken on a function as a sports sponsorship tool.   A lot of bran…

Sports merchandising

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Merchandising is a practice that involves the creation and sale of branded products, that is, products that bear the name or logo of a company, organization, or event. These products include clothing, gadgets, household products, toys, and many other items. Merchandising has become an important p…

Sports marketing

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Sports marketing is the process of promoting sports teams, events, or products through strategic branding, advertising, and other promotional tactics. The main goal of sports marketing is to generate revenue by increasing fan engagement, selling tickets, merchandise, and securing sponsorships. Wi…

Different type of gold

Gold is a precious metal that has been used for millennia to create jewelry, coins, and other works of art. There are different types of gold, each with unique characteristics that make them suitable for different purposes. In this article, we will explore the main types of gold and their propert…

Sport commemorative ring: the origin

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WHAT IT IS The sport commemorative ring is characterized by its high value, both in terms of the materials from which it is made and its great emotional value. The ring is usually made of valuable materials including gold, silver, diamonds, precious stones and gems. Each player receives a commemo…

Sports trophies

Sports trophies are objects that symbolize victory and success in sports. Every sporting discipline has its trophies, representing the pinnacle of competition and the result of hard work, sacrifice, and constant commitment. In this article, we will explore the world of sports trophies, from their…
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