Frequent questions

  • How long does it take to make the celebratory ring?

    The highly artisan production requires 90 days from the moment of the order for a series of about 20 rings
  • What materials is the celebratory ring made of?

    It is made with metals and precious stones accompanied by a guarantee certificate
  • Is the celebratory ring customizable?

    Absolutely yes. All the celebratory rings are unique and unrepeatable
  • How many pieces can be made?

    There are no quantitative limits, each of which is in a limited and numbered series
  • What type of packaging is the ring in?

    A precious casket in inlaid or lacquered wood. Every single box is personalized and unique
  • Is there a guarantee certificate?

    We issue as manufacturers a guarantee certificate, also accompanied by the certificate for each precious stone used
  • What is the value of a celebratory ring?

    The value depends on the precious materials used, on the weight of the precious metal

  • What sizes are available?

    We tailor every single celebratory ring
  • What is the NFC TAG?

    It is a contactless communication protocol, in practice supporting your smartphone you can view a specific web page, in our case it is the certificate of nominal guarantee
  • Is the ring insured?

    We have provided an insurance policy that guarantees the theft or loss of a stone

    We provide a warranty for a maximum of 7 years 

  • Do you sell to private customers?

    At the moment we do not sell to private customers

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