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Footballers’ jewelry: a simple accessory or pure exhibitionism?

Not only dream houses and luxury cars, but it’s also a fact that footballers love the good life and jewelry. What not everyone knows is that sportsmen and women also like to collect precious jewelry and watches.

But when do these accessories stop being accessories and turn into pure exhibitionism? Perhaps when the value of the jewelry in question exceeds the real possibilities of the person, and when the only aim is to flaunt an unbridled lifestyle.

Such is the case of the champion Diego Armando Maradona, who, after his death in 2020, has been the talk of the town over the question of inheritance.

In fact, the Pibe de Oro passed away in a rather humble way, having squandered most of his wealth. According to some official sources, his estate amounted to 500 million dollars. And his jewelry apparently made up a large part of this inheritance.
Maradona often wore rings and earrings, many of which were given to him in honour. To date, we do not know the total value of his jewelry, but one thing is certain: it is certainly priceless.


The jewelry of Serie A players: the most magnificent

Maradona’s multi-million dollar fortune and his extravagant jewelry is just one example, because like him there are many other Serie A players who have spent crazy amounts of money on their valuables.

The jewelry of Serie A players is status quo, and wearing a diamond ring for a sportsman is like saying ‘I did it, I reached my goal’.
The word ‘sobriety’ is not accepted in Serie A, and the wives and girlfriends of the players know this well.

This is the case of Mauro Icardi, who never misses an occasion or social event, to show off his jeweled earrings. Apparently, the famous footballer always wears them with him, and when he doesn’t, he replaces them with earrings that are always enriched with diamonds or, alternatively, precious luminous stones.

When it comes to jewelry, the striker has also been very generous towards his ‘colleagues’. He gave his former Inter teammates a Rolex each, to thank them for their support during the matches.


Cristiano Ronaldo and his jewelry in Dubai

How can we forget the jewelry worn by Ronaldo in Dubai during the Globe Soccer Awards in 2020. The Juventus star has always been a great lover of luxury jewelry, and like many of his colleagues, he never misses a chance to show it off.

Cristiano Ronaldo often wears double earrings in his everyday life, as you can see from many of his Instagram shots. However, at social events, such as the sporting event in Dubai, Ronaldo was at his best wearing a watch, bracelet, ring and the ever-present diamond earring.

He wore a red tie and pinstripe suit for the occasion, taking home the titles of ‘style champion’ and ‘jewelry champion’, as well as the title of footballer of the century, a category for which CR7 was awarded. A diamond-studded watch, a sporty commemorative ring and an earring, with this look Ronaldo left everyone speechless. Beside him, as always, his beautiful partner Georgina.

“Simple accessories or pure exhibitionism? The question should perhaps be asked directly to the champion. All we know is that Ronaldo remains a true champion, both on the field and in his choice of jewelry.

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