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georgina rodriguez bracciale manette

Georgina Rodriguez, the diamond cuff bracelet as a symbol of eternal love

It is no secret that Georgina Rodriguez has a boundless passion for luxury jewelry. What no one expected is that she would add a cuff bracelet to her lavish jewelry collection.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s partner, a new mother of twins, has never hidden her love for expensive jewelry, which is never lacking in her outfits. Even in the most casual looks, as can be a suit jacket and pants paired with a simple shirt, the Spanish influencer and model never forgets to add a sparkling piece of jewelry.

The latest addition is a bracelet from Jacob & Co., an American high jewelry brand that specializes in creating precious stones and custom jewelry for showbiz personalities.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s partner showed off the brand’s latest glitzy collection on Instagram, made of yellow gold and covered in a storm of diamonds. It is the Key Cyff Collection, one of the brand’s most iconic collections.

Luxury jewelry to seal eternal love

In addition to the wonderful and very expensive bracelet-which can be purchased for the price of $13,000-the collection also includes bracelets, necklaces, anklets and rings, all with a cuff and a small key on the end.

A key that was not inserted at random, but has a specific meaning because it represents love and the eternal and unbreakable bond that is created between two people.

A piece of jewelry that one gives to one’s beloved when one is a slave to love, or simply to demonstrate an eternal bond that nothing and no one can scratch.

Like many footballers’ jewelry, the cuff bracelet shown by Georgina is not sold to the public and is not on the brand’s website, because it was apparently created especially for her. However, it is possible to buy the basic version in white or rose gold, with diamond pavé or without, at a price of 12 thousand euros.

 Il bracciale di Georgina Rodriguez a forma di manette

Georgina Rodriguez and her million-dollar jewelry collection

Among the Spanish model’s most expensive jewelry is definitely the engagement ring given to her by Ronaldo, worth more than 700 thousand euros. A jewel signed Cartier, made of white gold and diamonds, which she sported several times during the course of the Netflix series “Soy Georgina.”

Ronaldo’s partner is often discussed for her lavish lifestyle, and for photos on Instagram where she often shows off her collection of high-value jewelry. In a recent photo, Georgina wore a £250,000 ruby necklace, a matching bracelet, and lots of equally important rings and earrings.

Not forgetting her 18-karat white gold, diamond-studded Rolex GMT master II, worth over 400,000 pounds.

A Georgina who spares no expense when it comes to jewelry, but then again, you know, diamonds are a girl’s best friend, especially the beautiful and rich ones.

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