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Eileen Gu with rings

Gold medalist Eileen Gu makes jewelery trending in China

She is only 18 years old and yet the American-Chinese skier Eileen Gu already has several Olympic medals in her pocket. A remarkable thing for such a young lady. But there was another thing the Chinese noticed during her victory at the Olympic Games of Beijing: jewelry, namely the 4 very expensive rings on Gu’s fingers.

The victories of Gu

Gu started the Beijing 2022 Olympic Games with the big air event. There, she achieved great scores of 93.75 and 94.50 and thus a gold medal. These scores ensured that Gu finished just above the French Tess Ledeux with a minimal difference of only 0.75. Despite this minimal difference, Gu still delivered a stellar performance!

Next, Gu won a silver medal in slopestyle. On the last run, she earned a score of 86.23, which came just short of the gold medal. That went to the Swiss Mathilde Gremaud who scored 0.33 more than Gu.

After her gold and silver medal, she won another gold in the halfpipe event. For Gu that was the icing on the cake of the day. By achieving a score of 95.25 in her second run, she knew immediately that gold was unavoidable.
There was no less than a 4.5 points difference between her score and that of the Olympic champion of Pyeongchang 2018 Cassie Sharpe, who now took the silver medal. Thus, by a large margin, Gu secured her third medal at these Olympics.

Just before she went down for her victory lap, Gu was very emotional with her trainers. According to Gu herself, to BBC: ”I felt a lot of pressure. I knew the expectation was that I would win but having said that, there are so many amazing women and girls who are competitive, who push the sport and do their best like that.”

A fortune on Gu’s fingers

The attention of many fans went to something other than the skiing itself. Just as hotly debated as Gu’s impressive performance were the rings and bracelet Gu wore during the ceremony. When Gu took off her gloves to collect her prize, four eye-catching diamond rings and a bracelet emerged. The different rings were:

  1. the 18-carat rose gold T ring (€2.200)

    Eileen Gu Jewelry Olympic Games
    Eileen Gu Jewelry Olympic Games
  2. the 18-carat gold 1837 Makers medium slice ring (€2.500)
  3. the rose gold Elsa Peretti ‘diamond hoop’ ring (€1.350)
  4. the sterling silver 1837 Makers signet ring (€640)
  5. diamond-encrusted Knot ‘double row hinged’ bracelet (€23.000)


All of this jewelry comes with a price tag of a whopping €26.690.

How Gu can afford this jewelry?

Due to Gu’s great success in both her home countries (China and United States), she was appointed by Tiffany & Co. as a new brand ambassador. The new Tiffany’s T1 campaign therefore features Gu’s face. All this is to the delight of Gu, who calls herself a true jewelry junkie, and who can now wear Tiffany & Co. jewelry to her heart’s content in everyday life.

In addition to being an ambassador for Tiffany & Co., Gu also works with numerous other brands in various categories, including Louis Vuitton to Visa and Estée Lauder to Cadillac.


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