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Napoli championship

Napoli championship: Oshimen celebrates with an all-diamond sports ring (that makes NBA champions envious)

Oshimen tries to imitate NBA stars. Napoli player Victor Oshimen wanted to celebrate his team’s newly won Scudetto with a piece of jewelry that could make American basketball players tremble.

The Napoli forward had a celebratory sports ring made especially for himself by a Nigerian jeweler. It is a diamond ring engraved with his initials and his jersey number V09. Something never made before in the world of Italian soccer.

Commemorative sports ring, the tradition comes straight from the USA

That of celebrating a victory with a sports ring is part of a Made in the USA tradition, but one that is slowly making its way to Italy as well.

In America, athletes who win a championship are rewarded with a commemorative ring. Which is not just any piece of jewelry, but a real luxury item that is meant to remind the athlete of his victories and titles won during the season. Set on the ring are the team logo, the number of victories or the year of triumph.

NBA sports commemorative rings are among the most beautiful and the most expensive in sports history. Recall Kobe Bryant’s famous ring, set with 40 diamonds worth more than 200,000 euros.

How much is Victor Oshimen’s sports ring worth?

The Neapolitan player Oshimen decided to celebrate Napoli’s victory like the American stars, and today he too can sport his majestic diamond ring on his finger – as a reminder of the Scudetto he won.

The value of the jewel has not yet been disclosed – at least for the time being. We can assume that it is a very important value, considering also the “massive” and showy design of the ring, typical of American jewelry. Quite the opposite of the elegance and minimal style of those Made in Italy.

But the celebrations of the Neapolitan team do not end there.

The Italian State Mint, in fact, plans to release two commemorative coins for Napoli’s Scudetto victory. A special tribute that the club wanted to announce with a post on Instagram.

And this is not the first time this has happened: the same tribute was designed on the occasion of the club’s two previous triumphs, those with Maradona in the 1986/87 and 1989/90 seasons. So we can say that history is repeating itself: these two new special coins will once again be dedicated to Napoli.

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