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Warriors sports commemorative ring

NBA: Warriors sports commemorative ring worth more than $50,000

The commemorative rings of NBA teams are known to be the most majestic (and expensive) ever.

In fact, we are not surprised that the Golden State Warriors team received the rings symbolic of their victory over the Lakers in 2022, made by a well-known Beverly Hills jeweler. After a sports season of great effort and sacrifice, the Warriors took home the title of champions, and a celebratory sports ring whose value is between $50,000 and $150,000.

During “Champions Ring Night,” Adam Silver, along with Warriors executive co-presidents Joe Lacob and Peter Guber, presented the players with the rings as an eternal symbol of the well-deserved victory.



A sports commemorative ring set with 16 diamonds

As can be seen from the image, this is no ordinary commemorative ring. As many as 16 carats of yellow and white diamonds set in yellow gold for each individual ring, where each carat symbolizes a team victory during the 2022 playoffs.

Specifically, the seven carats of cushion-cut yellow diamonds on the bezel represent the seven titles won by the team, while the 43 ferrules on the bridge (symbolizing the city of San Francisco) represent Stephen Curry’s 43 points.

But the wonders of this commemorative sports ring do not end there. In addition to the 16 diamonds we also find a secret compartment at the top of the ring, which reveals the trophies won by each individual player.

This precious “trophy chest ” can be accessed only through a special lever, located on the side of the ring. And, last but not least, to complete the work we find on the jewel the inscription with the Warriors’ mantra, “Just Us.” The value of the celebratory rings has not been disclosed, but is estimated between $50,000 and $150,000.

A design that certainly does not go unnoticed. Then again, American sports rings are known for their eccentric lines and large size, quite the opposite of a minimal style. And this choice is not only related to style, but is also a necessity, since basketball players have hands that are anything but small. Consequently, they need a ring that is harmonious with their physiognomy.

But wearing a large ring doesn’t have to mean wearing an eccentric piece of jewelry. The design of Anularis celebratory rings for example fully represents the style and elegance of Made in Italy craftsmanship.

Jewelry with essential shapes, deliberately made with few diamonds so as not to obscure the ring design and engravings, which are the most important features of a celebratory sports ring.

A ring for every victory (and every story)

Warriors sports rings: a collection of rings that are equal in beauty, but different in the stories they tell. A commemorative ring for all intents and purposes personalized, tailor-made for each member of the team who from now on will always carry their victories with them.

Because that’s what sports rings are for: not just to glitter at galas or social events, or to remember how many points were scored in competition.
These jewels contain not only numbers, but above all stories, and their task is to imprint in the players’ memory the goals achieved and all those victories that every sportsman should always carry with him.


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