diamond real or fake

How to recognize a real diamond from a fake one?

How to recognize a real diamond from a fake one? There are several “home-made” methods for verifying the authenticity of a gemstone-including diamonds-especially when we cannot get the opinion of a gemologist or when we cannot trace the jewelry’s certificate of authenticity.   If...

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Anularis per Charitystars asta benefica

Anularis for Charitystars: allies for peace

Even elegance can sometimes stand up for peace. And we at Anularis know it well. That’s why we decided to donate one of our most exclusive pieces of jewellery – the Caput Mundi ring – to support Anymore Onlus with a charity auction in collaboration with CharityStars. We decided to...

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Anularis® per adidas PML 2022

Anularis® è Premium Partner di adidas Playground Milano League 2022. Anularis® impreziosisce, con i suoi anelli celebrativi sportivi, i traguardi dei grandi campioni internazionali dello sport nel mondo. Nell’estate 2022 però vuole coinvolgere anche i giovani atleti con la stoffa da campioni...

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Anularis® for adidas PML 2022

Anularis® is Premium Partner of adidas Playground Milano League 2022 Anularis® embellishes the achievements of the world’s great international sports champions with its celebratory sports rings. In summer 2022, however, it also wants to involve young athletes with the makings of basketball...

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