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Anularis – Playground Milano League press release

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ANULARIS®: the celebratory sports ring of victories and events to remember.
Personalized with the colors of the Sports Club, precious and Made in Italy

Milan, May 2022 – A high-end celebratory sports ring. Anularis® is more than just that: it’s a sign of recognition. It is on the finger of those who make the game theirs.

Appreciated by the top management of some of the best-known international sports teams (in Europe, Latin America and Japan), the Anularis® ring is designed and made for the individual sports club, it comes in its colors, celebrates the specific trophy won or the event that will remain in the annals of the Teams and in the hearts of the fans.

In soccer, the presidents of some of the top fifty clubs in the world have enthusiastically embraced the project since its inception, thinking Anularis® worn by their roster of players, management staff, top management of the Main Sponsor, and collectors.

In Italy, among the most recent initiatives, Anularis® has been preferred by soccer clubs in Rome and basketball clubs in Milan.

The most popular version of Anularis® has a gold or platinum frame; the colors of the gems identify the individual patron (the colors of the sports club or those of the sports event organizing company).

Each Anularis® ring is numbered and made with unmistakable design and workmanship by Italian Master Goldsmiths; it has insurance policy and gemologist’s certificate of guarantee.

Technological soul.

Each Anularis® contains an NFC tag: by framing it with your smartphone, you can read its specific history (the Trophy or event for which it was made, the champion to whom it was donated). That’s the added treat if the piece over time lands in an auction.

The Anularis® casket:

also a work of art, it is made of fine woods and tech materials. “The idea came to us because medals and cups won are not worn … a ring celebrating those trophies … they do,” says Anularis founder Stefano Cocconcelli, a Milanese manager who has been involved in digital and sports services and communications for many years.
“And if in the United States the celebratory ring is a well-established tradition (from stadiums to colleges, every fan displays his special ring…. ), we at Anularis® make it an unmistakably Italian piece of jewelry, in taste and workmanship.”

In summer 2022, by partnering with adidas Playground Milano League, Anularis® is rewarding and spurring young athletes with the makings of champions.
In fact, during the final event of adidas PML, The MINALS, Anularis® will present the best players in each category, the MVPs, with a special commemorative ring made for the occasion.

Anularis® for adidas PML 2022 is also a solidarity initiative: the most prestigious ring designed exclusively for Playground Milano League 2022 is a unique piece in gold and diamonds. It will be auctioned on Charity Stars and part of the proceeds will be donated to support adidas PML’s social responsibility project, in partnership with Rise Against Hunger Italia.

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