The 1st edition of the event dedicated to playground culture kicks off.

Rome – On Thursday, 23 March 2023, at the Feria Lanificio Via di Pietralata 159 at 8.30 p.m., the first edition of ‘All Start Up’ will kick off, an event dedicated to all projects related to the world of Playground and 3×3 Basketball.


ASD All-Star Colosseum will organize the evening, a sports association that has been promoting streetball and 3×3 basketball activities in the city of Rome and its province for more than four years.

Here are the words of Francesco Santucci, president of the association: “The culture that takes shape within the playground is something healthy and real, it just needs to be channeled in the right direction. This is the main motivation that prompted us to organize “All Start Up”. This is why we want to give space to all the people who promote this culture and make it a tool for social growth.”

The program will feature personalities and communities that live the Playground and invest in activities dedicated to the world of streetball and urban life.

Dario Ferretti, founder of the first Italian start-up to invest in the world of playgrounds, Pick-Roll App main partner of the event, spoke on this subject: “The world of playgrounds is something that goes beyond simple’ sport. You just have to get to know the realities that live in the area on a daily basis to understand the stories behind them, made up of culture, inclusion and respect. I am convinced that raising awareness would help the surrounding neighborhoods and realities in reflection”.

All Start Up is an initiative to promote all those projects as fundamental factors for the cultural growth of the city of Rome through the values of Playground.


20:30 – Opening
Introduzione alla serata – con Dario Ferretti (CEO Pick-Roll App), Giancarlo Cesarei (Consigliere 3° Municipio) e Filippo Maria Capitanio (Start Up Specialist)

20:50 – Playground e Sociale
Il Playground: un luogo di crescita per la comunità – con Emanuele Silvestri (Presidente PAG), Valerio Paragallo e Alice Presti (DIGNITY – Not profile people Onlus)

21:10 – Playground e Brand
L’esperienza di due giovani imprenditori cresciuti al campetto – con Gabriele Occhiuto (Amazing Cut e Lionspomade) e Marco D’Uva (Founder IYB)

21:30 – Playground e Musica
Il valore della cultura da campetto nella musica – con Valerio Vicalvio (Smash Founder) e Riccardo Grossi (PAG)

21:50 – Playground e Street Art
Presentazione del restyling playground Bronx Legendz e del progetto Sezione 21 – con Mirko Rosatelli (Bronx Legendz) e Ildebrando Monaci (Sezione 21)

22:10 – Tutti i tornei per questa estate 2023
Presentazione del calendario degli eventi di streetball che ci aspettano per questa estate a Roma

22:30 – Premiazione Caput Mundi
Consegna dell’anello Anularis Caput Mundi con Stefano Cocconcelli , CEO e Art Director di Anularis.

Presenting the evening was Andrea Salvarezza (Sports Communication Specialist).

An event created to discover the Playground culture through events, projects, and all the news for this new summer season.


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