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Rings for men: a ring for every finger

Exist, on the market, different type of rings for men: from the simplest made with non-precious materials to those in gold or silver; from the most discreet alliance type, to the showiest with set stones or symbols.

For a man, wearing one or several rings on the same hand, is more than a trend. On the other hand, choose the rings to wear with attention, and above all adapt to the finger on which one you want to wear it, it is important. Indeed, not all fingers are suitable for a ring having different shapes, textures, and materials.

To wear several rings on the same hand, it is important to not neglect aesthetics and vanity which is probably, the principal reason which one a man decide to wear jewelleries on fingers.

Before choosing a ring if you never have wear one, it is fundamental to know if you are ready to highlight your fingers. Indeed, a ring, has the strength to complete and reinforce an outfit, and the power to draw attention to the hands.

A ring is not suitable for everyone, but everyone can wear it… You just need to know how to choose it.

On the market for men’s ring, there are the sports celebration rings. But what characteristics should they have?

Sports celebration ring brings out great pride. It shows uniqueness and gives a feeling of belonging to a group. This ring has an intrinsic value, by its materials (gold, precious stones…). It gives privilege and prestige to the person who wears it. Finally, it is the exclusive witness to an event or a victory.


All these values meet up in an Anularis® ring.

Having five fingers available, you can indulge yourself on a wide variety of rings. It is nice to know that exaggeration almost never equates to style. Moreover, wearing jewelleries on consecutive fingers can be troublesome both for the inevitable friction of the rings and for the dexterity of daily gestures.


On which finger wearing rings for men?

It is wrong to believe that certain rings should wear it on specific fingers. There are no real rules apart from those of good taste and being true to yourself.

There are some advices:

  • A big ring with a symbol can be wear it on the thumb, because it is the only finger far enough away from others, not to interfere, or on the little finger for those who are courageous.
  • Wedding rings are ideal for ring fingers. However, a wedding ring wearing on the left ring finger might sound like a married man.
  • The index is the most used, by a man who is wearing rings, probably for its versatility and for its brilliance. It is adorned with bracelets in titanium, wood or even jewels that have stones.
  • Finally, the middle finger, which is also very eclectic, lends itself to various interpretations. Indeed, some prefer to leave it free, being the catchiest finger of the hand. And others take advantage of this feature by wearing gold or silver rings with set stones or diamonds.

Always remind you that a ring, should be worn with ease to showcase your personality. Whatever your choice, on the finger or the type of jewelleries.

Source: accademiaorafaitaliana.it

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