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Sport commemorative ring: the origin


The sports commemorative ring is characterized by its high value, both in terms of the materials from which it is made and its great emotional value. The ring is usually made of valuable materials including gold, silver, diamonds, precious stones and gems.

Each player receives a commemorative ring following an important victory, or a trophy, to celebrate the event and to have an original and unique memento. The ring is customized with the team’s name and logo. The players love wearing the ring, which symbolizes their professionalism and success.


The celebratory sports ring originated in US sports culture. In fact, it is a tradition in America to award athletes in the NBA (National Basketball Association), NFL (National Football League), and MLB (Major League Baseball) with a sports commemorative ring after a victory. The team’s coaches and technical staff also receive the commemorative ring to seal the memory of that important event. Athletes who receive the ring are proud to show it off and always hope to add to the collection.

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In Europe, the sports culture is different from the American one, because in team sports athletes generally receive a group prize, usually a cup. But there is a company that allows athletes to dream. This company is ANULARIS®, which also introduces the celebratory sports ring into European culture and worldwide. Indeed, ANULARIS® offers the opportunity to engrave one’s success in history. This is possible by making sports commemorative rings made in Italy. Luxury rings characterized by their uniqueness and elegance, destined to bear witness to the achievements of champions.

ANULARIS® was created to celebrate a particular sporting occasion and make it eternal. Each ring is customized, therefore unique and unrepeatable, making the wearer proud.

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