What jewelry to give to a sportsman?

They say that when it comes to gifts, you can never go wrong with a piece of jewelry. And the rule also applies to sportsmen and women, despite many people thinking otherwise.

Because usually when you give a sportsman a present, you immediately think of big sweatshirts, trainers or basketball caps. But that does not always have to be the case.

Sportsmen also love jewelry, and above all they love to receive it as a gift.

Here, then, is a small vedemecum for giving a piece of jewelry to a sportsman and making him happy, even if you are not a goldsmith (or sports) expert.

First rule: sportsmen like casual jewellery.

And this does not mean going straight for costume jewelry or low-quality jewelry. The important thing is to avoid anything ostentatious, overly elegant or exaggerated.

The watchword is minimalism. Sporty people usually have very busy and hectic lives, which is why they like jewelry that is practical and comfortable to wear. It is best to opt for a piece of jewelry that is easy to wear and does not cause discomfort during movement, and that is light on the fingers.

The style should be casual. So no diamonds, pearls or precious stones. They are not exactly the best to wear during a basketball game or a tennis tournament.

It is another matter if the sports ring is to be worn on a gala evening.


Rule two: one is better

“One is better” also applies in the world of sport. When giving a piece of jewelry to a sportsman, the question of quantity must also be considered. This means that the present must suffice on its own, and should not require other accessories to make a good impression.

The person receiving the gift should not have to think, “And now what do I wear with it?”. The jewelry should dress the person even when worn alone.

For example, if it is a ring, it is better to opt for a model that stands out and does not go unnoticed, on and off the court.

The important thing is that the jewelry does not get in the way of sporting activity, and that the person wearing it does not risk injury.

Day or evening jewelry?

There are no fixed times to play a sports competition. But we know, for example, that some football matches are held in the evening, while tennis tournaments are played during the day.

And when you have to give a piece of jewelry to a sportsman, this small detail can make all the difference. Because a piece of jewelry is just like a dress. Its wearing must also consider the time of day.

If we have to give a piece of jewelry to a sportsman who plays during the day, it is better to opt for simple chains or small rings with a few stones (jade, lapis or coral). If, on the other hand, it is an evening sport, in this case we can indulge in something special, such as emeralds, rubies or sapphires.

The chevalier ring: the trendy jewel among athletes

Men’s chevalier rings are an excellent gift idea for a sportsman. Whether rings set with artificial stones or diamonds matters little, this type of ring is very versatile for any kind of sport.

Wearing it on the little finger is ideal for sports, as the whole hand is practically free during the activity.

Not to mention that this is a unisex model that also suits women.

Is the tennis bracelet only good for tennis players?

Absolutely not. The tennis bracelet is a timeless classic and can also be given as a gift to those who play a sport other than tennis.

The tennis bracelet is undoubtedly one of the most popular pieces of jewelry among sportsmen and women. Reason why it is now being re-proposed by various brands and not only in the classic colors white/yellow gold.

It is a unisex bracelet that goes with everything and manages to make even the most sporty look elegant and sophisticated.

Last but not least.

Sporty people are never given brooches. Apparently this piece of jewelry has often been associated with sorrow and bad luck. And when you give a sportsman a present, you certainly don’t want to be associated with a game gone wrong.

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