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There are Carat and Karat

Wearing a jewelry, in particularity a ring, transmits emotions, highlights their personality and gives to the persons a touch of elegance. ANULARIS® offer the possibility to personnalize your own ring, allowing to express your own values and seal a memory to always have it with you.

ANULARIS® realize luxury sport celebration rings and use precious metals like gold and precoious stones. Behind the ring hides countless curiosities, including the definition of its weight. We often hear about carats, for example, a precious stones and diamonds.

The carat

Carat - Celebratory sport ring

The story of the carat is antique and very interesting. The term “carat” comes from arabic qīrāṭ, which means “carob bean” . the carob plant is characterized by its weighing procedure. The peculiarity of the carob seeds is the belief (now gone) that they have exactly the same weight.



Carato - Celebratory sport ring

The carat is therefore derived from the carob tree today, which is the unit of measurement generally used for gemstones. In 1832, in South Africa, the carob was precisely defined. Some carob seeds have been weighed with a balance with equal arms. The arithmetic mean of the vales obtained led to a value of 0,2 grams. Finally, carat therefore indicate, the weight of a gemstone and don’t refer to its size.

The karat

KaratoThen there is karat (kt), which is generally used for gold. Karat measures the purity of gold, which is often linked to other metals (like silver). 24 karat gols is pure gold, while for example, 14 karat gold is made up of 14 parts of gold and 10 parts of other metals.

in Italy, the denomination kt on jewelry is not used. On the other hand, the purity in thousandths of gold present in the alloy is expressed. The working “750” indicates that there are 75 parts of gold and 25 parts of other alloys such as silver and copper andis used in place of “18kt”.

These are some of curiosities behind the sophistication of a ring. ANULARIS® produces high quality rings,m both for the metals used and for the orginial and elegant design to be used in sport. The passion if ANULARIS® is within every carat and karat.

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